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A project schedule defines the process and establishes a timeline to be followed in delivering the project. Avoiding schedule slippage is a key objective of schedule management. Comprehensive project schedules will identify all of the project's stages, phases, and activities assigned to each team member mapping them to a timeline that measures key milestones (dates) that are used to keep track of work progress. Schedule management interfaces directly with scope, cost, and quality management when team member roles and activities are defined, coordinated, and continually monitored.

Alteration & Restoration

A renovation is the act of improving by renewing and restoring as may include small additions. This can range from simple to very complex, The Florida Building Code identifier Level 1, 2, and 3 alterations. There are numerous reasons to renovate a facility, which include:

  •  Save the cost of new construction.

  •   Expand and going to all facility all at the same time.

  •   Meet new wind loads or Factory Mutual requirement to save on insurance, which may include items such as "Hurricane Hardening".

  •   To compete with other companies, provide newer corporate image, or an improved "workplace  environment".

Per Florida Building Code Chapter 5 there are three levels of Alterations with different thresholds and requirements.

Level 1 (Chapter 7) refers to replacement or repair of existing materials, systems, or equipment.
Level 2 (Chapter 8) refers to a reconfiguration of space, or system, addition or removal of any doors/windows, or install of new equipment.
Level 3 (Chapter 9) refers to when more than 50% of the building area is affected by work proposed.

 is committed to providing you a healthy, safe restoration which adheres to all accepted standards. 




JAHconstruction offers a wide range of construction cost segregation with accelerated depreciation in order to limit costly project changes, as well as maximize the safety and efficiency of the project.

Pre Construction

Pre Construction
  • Estimating

  • Construct-ability Review

  • Building / Construction / Implementation of design 

  • Scheduling

  • Pro's & Con's of Construction Systems

  • Contract Delivery Methods

JAH will review your plans and prepare a submittal packet to the building department having jurisdiction. The building department, by law, has only 30 business days to respond. Because response time is determined by the law, the Private Provider Plan Review, in many cases, will immediately pay for itself. If you do not use a private provider, government response times are not regulated and often take much longer.

Post Construction

JAHconstruction offers a wide range of post construction services. 

JAH emphasizes the Post Occupancy Evaluation which takes place after one year of occupancy. In addition to the standard one year post occupancy evaluation JAH offers annual evaluations, annual review of warranties and guarantees, review of sealants and joints, review of operations and maintenance, as well as maintenance consultation. JAH stresses a proper maintenance plan to ensure the longevity of a project

JAH also offers Operation Cost Evaluation and optimization consultation. This can save a company thousands by reducing monthly operational costs, and operate more efficiently and sustainably. 


cave man ( Private Client )

cave man ( Private Client )

cave man ( Private Client )

cave man ( Private Client )

cave man ( Private Client )

cave man ( Private Client )

Post Construction
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