JAHconstruction offers a wide range of construction cost segregation with accelerated depreciation in order to limit costly project changes, as well as maximize the safety and efficiency of the project, JAH emphasizes Risk Management in all our projects.

Risk management is an organized method of identifying and measuring risk and then developing, selecting, implementing and managing options for addressing risks. There are several types of risk that an owner should consider as part of risk management methodology. These include:  

• Schedule risk  
• Cost risk 
• Technical feasibility- first time use.
• Risk of technical obsolescence
• Dependencies between a new project and other projects
• Physical events beyond direct control
Risk management seeks to identify and ultimately control possible future events and should be proactive rather than reactive. To be effective, risk management must rely on tools and techniques that help predict the likelihood of future events, the effects of these future events and methods to deal with these future events. Risk management best exerted when is the responsibility of everyone involved in a project participated. 

Post Construction Services

Wilderness Lake Preserve (outdoors)

Wilderness Lake Preserve (indoors)


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